College Essay Tips | How to Craft an Unforgettable Paper

Are you thinking about submitting that college application? Don’t know how to write your essay? Read on to discover some useful tricks and tips.

Here is How to Write a Scintillating College Essay

The college essay may be the most important paper you can ever be asked to write. This is the document used by admissions officials to judge whether you are an ideal match for the institution. Remember, top colleges received tons of applications for limited positions, and can only consider a few of these. Given the significance of the college essay, it is easy to understand why many candidates find the task daunting. Don’t stress yourself — here, we have outlined some useful tips that you can use to complete an outstanding paper.

Start Strongly with an Attention-Grabbing Introduction

The way you get started will shape whether the admissions officials read the entire essay. Remember, they already have tons of other applications to consider within a short period. In most cases, admissions officers don’t even read past the initial paragraph. You need to pique their interest, pulling them towards the rest of your work. We recommend starting with a catchy hook. Here are some tips on how to start a college essay:

  • Consider beginning with a question;
  • Start with an interesting quote or statistic;
  • Start with a bold assertion.

Be Real and Honest in Your Writing

The college essay is not the place to be an anonymous author. The admissions officials are interested in you and your personality and what you bring to the institution. Don’t just submit another generic application that resembles thousands of others. In other words, don’t hide behind the facts and the grades. Remember, the college application essay is not a narration of your achievements. You want the admissions officers to connect to your story and get an idea of your personality. That means that you will need to write using your voice.

Start with an Outline and Plan Appropriately

Mist candidates spend hours or even days staring at blank screens and unable to get started on their college essays. While you may have read somewhere that you should consider freewriting, ours is a more guarded approach. We suggest writing from a well-defined plan, which includes brainstorming and outlining. Think about what you intend to write before you get started, and take careful notes. The outline will save you time and will ensure that you don’t veer off-topic.

Begin Writing as Soon as Possible

All the planning in the world will not help much if you don’t begin the writing process on time. As you flesh out your outline and create your initial draft, don’t bother with spellings and grammar. You can dedicate time later for editing and proofreading. Of course, you need to remember that college admissions officers are looking to see who you are as a person and whether you are a good fit for the institution. Don’t be boring.